T-shirts and Digital Printing

Aachen Project operates a range of fun and creative, eco-friendly, online t-shirt shops, as well as, providing digital printing services in selected locations.

Charity Projects

We have also played out part over the years, supporting charitable groups and events helping people and causes all around the world.


Take a trip around the world on us, check out one of our photo blogs.

Need a Laugh?

That's right, we're the folks who used to run the website... FlightoftheConchords.com
What a fab (virtual) decade that was!

If you don't know them (now seen on HBO & The Simpsons) check out the Kiwi boys here:
clip 1
& clip 2.


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Web Development
and Design

We offer a range of professional web services for small to large businesses, operating with international companies and clients globally.

Our most commonly requested solutions are for shopping systems, management solutions and CMS's (manage your web content yourself).

Additionally, we offer a full range of web hosting, domain name, SEO, Social Media (incl. Twitter & Facebook) and advanced Google - E-bay - Amazon / E-bay integrations.

Video & VFX Work

Aachen Project offers video, media and Visual FX work from pre- through post-production.

Print & Design

A full range of print & design services are available too.


Welcome to the digitalHome
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Aachen Project

Along with a range of media, creativity and retail products Web Design & Web Developmentthat the Aachen Project develops world-wide itself, we also offer a host of professional Web Development, e-Business and Media solutions & services to clients.

Over many years we have built some interesting and unique solutions, for a wide range of global customers... first operating with the Internet for professional aviation purposes, over 20 years ago.


Get in Touch

Get in contact to have a chat about any project, business or idea that you have in mind - we look forward to saying Hello (or Grüß Dich, Hola or G'day!)...

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